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Black bench for kitchen table - Wood kitchen work table

Black Bench For Kitchen Table

black bench for kitchen table

Hunter Green floral

Hunter Green floral

When I was growing up my parents had an enormous "Kitchen" table, and of course the enormous dining room table. The tables were for the 8 kids, plus Mom and Dad, and we ALWAYS ate dinner together at 5:30pm. My Dad built the kitchen table; a long trestle style table with huge key tenons, 2 benches ran the length. My mom could never put tablecloths like these out, but she did put out some pretty groovy sixties vinyl numbers! I remember some of the vinyl ones had flocked backing and they would stick to the wood, so the kitchen table frequently had some fairly mod designs. Mom and Dad had very forward tastes, with burnt orange backsplashes, and black lava like countertops, including a built in glass cutting board with a zodiac in the design.

Cucina Mirjana

Cucina Mirjana

I got a lot of shit from Mirjana for saying "where'd you get stainless steel wine glasses?" - "they're pewter, goddamnit! you idiot!! you don't know anything!".

There are also two stainless steel picnic tables with black leather-covered benches. Her whole place is like that (this is the restaurant, downstairs).

black bench for kitchen table

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